Visual Impact

Large screens create amazing visuals in a room. Over the years, their cost has also come down, making them more accessible for company meetings. Technology and control systems for these screens have changed dramatically over the past few years. We can seamlessly switch from full screen to picture-in-picture, video, stills, and wallpaper in the blink of an eye. When used correctly, these screens not only show meeting content but become the predominant design element in the room.

However one of the biggest challenges we see is that these screens are not always being used to their full potential. When a client is interested in a large screen, our first conversation is about content. What sort of visuals do they have, what do they want to create, and do they have designers in-house to do this, or do they need outside assistance? The screen content often needs a full show flow of its own. We want to make sure the investment is worthwhile and creates amazing visuals on screen for your audience.

Next time you are interested in a large screen, talk to AV Presentations. We’ll discuss the screen’s capabilities, assess your content, and work with your in-house designers or connect you with an external graphic designer to ensure you are using this phenomenal product to its full potential.