Visual Impact

Large screens create amazing visuals in a room. Over the years, their cost has also come down, making them more accessible for company meetings. Technology and control systems for these screens have changed dramatically over the past few years. We can seamlessly switch from full screen to picture-in-picture, video, stills, and wallpaper in the blink of an eye. When used correctly, these screens not only show meeting content but become the predominant design element in the room.

However one of the biggest challenges we see is that these screens are not always being used to their full potential. When a client is interested in a large screen, our first conversation is about content. What sort of visuals do they have, what do they want to create, and do they have designers in-house to do this, or do they need outside assistance? The screen content often needs a full show flow of its own. We want to make sure the investment is worthwhile and creates amazing visuals on screen for your audience.

Next time you are interested in a large screen, talk to AV Presentations. We’ll discuss the screen’s capabilities, assess your content, and work with your in-house designers or connect you with an external graphic designer to ensure you are using this phenomenal product to its full potential.

Dante Spoken Here

Have you been hearing people talk about Dante and wondering what it is? Dante stands for Digital Audio Networking Through Ethernet.
Dante’s primary purpose is to maintain a fully digital audio chain from the presenter’s microphone to the loudspeaker, making buzz and radio interference a thing of the past. What once required a cumbersome copper snake weighing hundreds of pounds can now be achieved with a single Cat.6 cable or a pair of fiber optic lines extending out to two kilometers.
This sophisticated system requires months of training and certification to master its intricacies. Should you be intimidated by it? No. Should you be using it? Absolutely. Our Dante-certified engineers have been utilizing this technology since its inception.
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Getting Back to Our Roots


AV Presentations was thrilled to help with the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame (FARHOF), Boston’s newest cultural and educational initiative. It celebrates the lifeblood of America’s musical and cultural heritage. The Induction Ceremony was held at the beautiful Wang Theater on April 20th.

Led by legendary musicians and music executives, including Keb Mo’, Joan Baez, and Noel Paul Stookey, the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring history while also building the foundation of the next generation of Folk, Americana, and Roots musicians. The event celebrates Folk, Americana, and Roots music through displays, memorabilia, artifacts, events, lectures, exhibits, and concerts.

To learn more about the organization and the event, check out the links below:


Don’t Forget the Rest of the Room

Screens and content are important but don’t forget about the rest of the room.

So, we’re an AV company. It should be all about the AV equipment, but we must admit, it’s also important to focus on the rest of the room. (Sigh) Whether you handle the room décor and graphics internally or work with an outside planner, communicating the full look and feel of the event with your AV company is important.

We’ll be handling screens, projection, and lighting, but what else do we need to know? What are the brand colors? What are the linens going to be? Can we mimic a logo or shape in stage design to enhance the brand? Can we project gobos of logos or shapes? Can we adjust the lighting to enhance the look? Oh, so many questions!

When you think your “AV Guys” don’t care about the fluff, we do. We can work together to create the whole package, delivering the most cohesive look and feel for the entire space.

Large Screens

LARGE SCREENS are about more than just meeting content.

Large Screens have become commonplace in corporate meetings. They are large, impactful, and adaptable to many types of content and design.

After the day’s meeting, evening receptions are often off-site or in other venues. Why not flip the meeting room and use this impressive screen to change the atmosphere?

That is exactly what we did at this evening’s event. The main meeting room screen was used as a background for the evening’s entertainment and for roving performers throughout the space.  Screen content and lighting effects changed continually throughout the reception, keeping the attendees engaged and the atmosphere engaging.