Don’t Forget the Rest of the Room

Screens and content are important but don’t forget about the rest of the room.

So, we’re an AV company. It should be all about the AV equipment, but we must admit, it’s also important to focus on the rest of the room. (Sigh) Whether you handle the room décor and graphics internally or work with an outside planner, communicating the full look and feel of the event with your AV company is important.

We’ll be handling screens, projection, and lighting, but what else do we need to know? What are the brand colors? What are the linens going to be? Can we mimic a logo or shape in stage design to enhance the brand? Can we project gobos of logos or shapes? Can we adjust the lighting to enhance the look? Oh, so many questions!

When you think your “AV Guys” don’t care about the fluff, we do. We can work together to create the whole package, delivering the most cohesive look and feel for the entire space.