Our experienced staff, headed by principals Rod Callahan and Morris Beverly, have been meeting the challenges of the corporate event and staging world in various capacities for over twenty years.

From the early days of multi - image through the high resolution world of DEC and Sun, to the "thin is in" environments of EMC and Akamai today, AV Presentations has earned the trust of planners, producers and directors throughout North America. Our senior technical staff members take time to understand your needs and work with you to consider factors such as:

*What level of gear is appropriate?
*How much space is needed?
*Is there enough power?
*How can we make this work within our client's budget?

No matter how large or small your project, chances are we have the solution that makes good business sense. So before you plan your next meeting, tradeshow or corporate event, put AV Presentations to the test. What can we do to earn your trust?

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